We Focus on Finding Quality Rental Properties for Our High Calibre Tenants

For Owners

Don’t advertise your property ! Ever ! Keep that $200 in your pocket (where it belongs) and come straight to tenantsNZ “for the best tenants”. We literally offer you our terrific tenants “on a silver platter” … already fully vetted with reference checks completed, proven employment / income, and credit checks (if required).

We prepare all paperwork to ensure all legal requirements are met. This service is always free for owners.

All Good Owners Know That Tenant Selection Is KEY

Reliable Benefits

Free Services for Owners…

We have 2x services which are always free to owners – Finder and Letting.

Don’t Advertise Your Rental… Ever!

Keep your $200 in your wallet and come to tenantsNZ for the best tenants.

Pre-Qualified Tenants…

Save time with all vetting done for you.


If necessary, we’ll broadcast your property to our extensive database of high calibre tenants.

Our Endorsement…

We endorse our tenants, after we have fully vetted their applications.

Credit Checks…

If required, we arrange credit checks.

No More Paperwork…

We prepare all documentation to the owner’s specifications.

Legal Compliance…

We ensure all legal requirements are met.

Virtual Tours …

We video every rental property, to minimise disturbance to all current occupants.

Accept a Tenant
$0Free To Owners
  • High calibre tenants
  • Fully vetted
  • All paperwork prepared
  • All legal requirements met
Rent Manager
2%On Rent
  • Only 2% + gst on rent
  • Owners paid out weekly … not monthly
  • Tenancy Tribunal representation, if required
  • Owners arrange repairs + inspections

Letting Agent

Free service to owners, always (even in the CBD).

We prepare all necessary paperwork as per the owner’s specifications.

We provide you with a 1st draft for your approval.

We then arrange signing by both parties.

Property Management

All owners are paid out daily (not monthly, like most PM companies).

We have the lowest fees in the industry … 2% +gst Rent Manager / 7% +gst Full Service.

We don’t charge on repairer’s invoices (these are included in the Full Service).

All funds go through our trust account.

Routine inspections conducted every 3 months.

Zero tolerance for rent arrears.