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What our clients say

We were moving from Australia and did not have the capacity to wait to find a home when we got to NZ. We needed help finding a house suitable for our needs and someone to attend the viewings. Our concern was having to select a house we had not physically seen. With tenantsNZ it was quick and easy. I really liked their spreadsheet with one location to find all the information and options …

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Your services were recommended to us, and our main concern was getting the right access into the rental market. The biggest advantage was primarily, the initial engagement with the landlady, which I believe was instrumental. We recommend tenantsNZ to anyone arriving in NZ, and suggest getting started as soon as possible as the scrutiny by property owners is pretty strong and good places are scarce.

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I had just arrived in NZ and didn’t realize how different rental hunting was from the States! As a mum on her own it was hard to get to all the viewings and not having the connections needed, I was panicking. I was concerned that it was a smaller company but I thought I should give the same chance I want. Other bigger companies seemed like they were too busy for me. I found a place to live and it only took 12 days from my first call to tenantsNZ so I can recommend them to anyone from overseas or people who can’t get to viewings.

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I was afraid that I would not find a property to rent due to the fact that I was living in South Africa. I was aware that there was a shortage of rental properties in New Zealand and wanted a helping hand to guide us. With tenantsNZ, the pressure was taken away from me. I could concentrate on other relocation issues. I was so happy that I had a home to come to when we arrived in New Zealand. We can ‘most definitely’ recommend tenantsNZ. It was a fair fee and we got excellent customer service. It only took 2 weeks and we had our rental locked in.

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Hi Nicki

I wanted to follow up with my sincere thanks too! We were so grateful for your incredibly thorough service (videos, commentary and amazingly detailed run downs on all the houses) and your consistently optimistic approach to our search. We could never have landed here at [address] without you … and we may not have found a place in the school zone at all.

Thanks from us all, including Luna (dog) who is most happy with her new digs!
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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

If you are relocating but can’t make it by yourself go ask Nicki! We thought it’s impossible to find a house in another city as we both are working and have a baby, can’t stay in hotel too long. Nicki helped us, got 4 offers in 2 weeks and we chose the best one!

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Went from MIQ to a great apartment in about a week, despite Level 3 restrictions and some very specific requirements. Nicki did all the hard work, and all we had to do is decide which one (out of multiple offers) we wanted. Easiest apartment finding experience I’ve ever had

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A truly excellent service! Nicki and her team helped me and my partner secure a property to rent while we were based in the UK. This took a huge amount of pressure off for our big move home during the peak of COVID. Worth every dollar.

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It’s more than a year since we moved to our new home. Thanks to Nicki of TENANTS.CO.NZ for finding a home for our family. It was truly a professional service you offer!
Highly recommended …

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Thanks so much for your excellent communication in this process and helping to keep me relatively sane !


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