We Take the Work out of Finding a Rental Property

For Tenants

“At tenantsNZ, we liken ourselves to Disney’s FastPass where you can skip the long line and get straight onto all the most popular rides. Not only do we save you hours of searching, we also save you money, stress, frustration, and disappointment … our aim is to get you into a lovely new home as soon as possible.

Learn How Painless House-Hunting Can Be With tenantsNZ

Reliable Benefits

Nz’s 1st and Only Tenant Agent…

We have listened to the frustrations of many tenants, and created a system specific to your needs.

We Know What Good Landlords Are Looking for…

And work with you to create an “irresistible” tenancy application.

Apply Only ONCE…

And leave the rest to us. If we don’t get you into your 1st choice of rental property, we will keep going until we achieve a ‘perfect match’.

What Are You Looking For?

We spend time with you, discovering your specific requirements.

Our Endorsement…

Rather than promote yourself, it is way more effective when you are endorsed by a 3rd party (that’s us) after we have fully vetted you.

No Letting Fees…

As a property finder, we have a ‘match maker’ fee which is a flat rate, no matter what the rental $.

No More Wasting Time…

Driving from viewing to viewing, lining up behind 30 other people.

Legal Compliance…

We prepare all documentation to ensure all legal requirements are met.

Virtual Tours …

We video every rental property, so you can view it from your phone or device.

Irresistible Tenancy Application
$98NZD + gst
  • Highly attractive + professional
  • Yours to keep
  • Take it with you to viewings
  • Included FREE with our Rent Find / Match-Maker service

Feature List

NZ’s first and only agent for tenants.

We work with you to create a ‘primo’ tenancy application which owners find irresistible.

You only have to apply ONCE … let us do the rest.

We find a rental property that suits your requirements.

We approach the owner and present your irresistible application.

No letting fees (ever!).

Our ‘match maker’ packages are a flat fee for all rental properties.

The fee includes up to 2x credit checks (if required).

No more wasting time, driving from Viewing to Viewing.

No more wasting time, lining up behind 30 other people to view the same rental.

No more disappointment, being knocked back because you’re too late / you’re too young / you’re too new to NZ / you’ve not even landed in NZ yet.

We work with NZ Immigration advisers.

We use ‘virtual tours’ of rental properties, if you’re not able to view it in person.